Academy of Central European Schools

aces – Dialogue and cooperation of young people in Central Europe

aces offers opportunities for young people from Central Europe to develop friendship across borders and to take part actively in international school projects.

The programme supports the establishment of a Central European network of schools. The aim is to foster dialogue and cooperation of young people and to create a sustainable network of shared knowledge, mutual learning and innovation.

With a yearly contest for school partnership projects aces encourages pupils and teachers to engage in intercultural exchange. The participants of the currently fifteen partner countries work jointly on topics of common interest and can develop new perspectives on the regional and European level. The topic of the new aces cycle 2010/11 is „Create your solutions! Dealing with conflicts in schools and our surroundings”.

aces is an initiative of ERSTE Foundation within its programme „Europe” and is coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum in cooperation with VČELÍ DOM. Furthermore, the initiative is supported by the Ministries of Education of all participating countries.


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