Spring Day 2011

The European Commission declared 2011 the European Yer of Volunteering. Therefore, this is also the Motto for the 2011 Spring Day in Austria. Every year, many school projects can only be implemented thanks to the volunteer work  of students and teachers, who are ready to do more than just fufill the curriculum. Often, these projects are carried out in the course of school partnerships (eTwinning, Lifelong Learning etc.).
In the course of the Action Days of Political Education the Zentrum Polis invites to a number of events, which are highly interesting for students.

During the school year 2009/10 the focus of Spring Day lay on combating poverty and social exclusion. This is especially a field, in which many people work voluntarily in a number of charity organizations. Therefore, we can seamlessly continue enlarging our range of activities following this year’s motto.

In case you do not really know, what „volunteering” encompasses, you could study the chapters Volunteering and Corporate Volunteering in WIKIPEDIA as well as the OneWorld Volunteering Guide.

Numerous projects, especially humanitarian / social ones are often very successfull, because young people participate in them voluntarily and enthusiastically. One more reason, to inform a wider public about an activity in this field is, that you even might win a prize with it. The Austrian Ministry of Education has launched a special website on the topic of Intercultural Learning and will award a prize for good projects.

In Austria, you can again participate in a Spring Day competition in the school year 2010/11.  Deadline for your submission is April 11, 2011. Students of all ages from all types of schools are again invited to register for Spring Day and to submit their conributions either by snail mail or via e-mail to: Frau ASekr. Michaela Schaller, Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Abt. IT/3, IT-Systeme für Unterrichtszwecke, Minoritenplatz 5, A-1014 Wien. Of course, participating classes can also upload their contributions to YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Flick’r or similar websites. In this case, please send the link to your project to Frau AR Michaela Schaller.

The Festival of the European Spring Day will take place on May 5, 2011 at the Haus der Europäischen Union in Vienna. The Representation of the European Commission in Austria as well as the Information Office of the European Parliament for Austria support the project and will also participate in the festival.
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